Productivity Investment – Tips

Productivity in life is (mostly) a sum product of compounding returns from habits on which we have invested consciously / subconsciously in our life till now.

Over the years, Here are some of my personal investment tips for productivity:

  1. Surround yourself with Productive People: I spend a lot of my time with these folks, Ajay Balamurugadas, Apoorva Ram, Vinod Kumawat, Mahathee D, and Sandeep Garg.
  2. Be active part of great communities: The Test Tribe, The Test Chat, Happy Book Reading, etc.
  3. Have Awesome Mentors: Seek help on areas where you want to be more productive. Not sure, where to start? Checkout mentorship program by The Test Tribe. Ofcourse, It’s FREE.
    NOTE: Remember, You never choose your mentors, They choose you 🙂
  4. Automate your Day: Think beyond automating your tests. Why not to automate your day? Here, what I mean by automation is to not waste time on thinking about what to do. Create routines, plans, and schedules.
    Ex: You should not be thinking at x pm that what should I do now? Ex: 5pm = Yoga, 10pm = Writing, etc.
  5. Develop Good Atomic Habits so that productivity comes as a side-effect: You win by your strengths and lose by your weaknesses. Make good habits.
  6. Develop Core / Basic / Foundational Skills: Touch Typing, Note Taking, Summarising, Googling, Art of Command Line, Common OS Shortcuts, etc.
  7. Have your Productivity Toolkit Ready: Have you ever thought of building one? Check out Productivity Tools from the book, Ultimate Productivity Toolkit.
  8. Accountability Partners: Why the heck does it matter? Check out Peer Power – Importance of Accountability Partner.
  9. Passionate People: Hang out with such people, They will push you out of your comfort zone 🙂
  10. Refer solution of old problems (health, relationships, interpersonal relationships, thinking, etc.) from old books, whereas for new problems, refer new books / sources / expert.
  11. Invest in learning: Have some disposable money to invest in your learning. Remember, Time is money too 🙂
  12. Read atleast 1 hour every day: Automatically move to the 1% club.
  13. Sleep for 9 Hours: Okay, Minimum 8 Hours, Not less than that.
  14. Use the Principle of Least Regret to make decisions: After some point in life, there are always some regrets associated with any decision that you take. Make the decision that gives you least regret. Like trust, this is also a double edged sword, so use it carefully 🙂
  15. Know your priorities and non negotiable areas: Be vocal about them, Don’t hesitate to express them. People who can respect that will stay with you no matter what 🙂
  16. Zero (minimum) notifications from Smart (Dumb?) Phone: Deep focus & work aren’t possible without this.
  17. 2 Minute Rule: Do whatever can be done in two minutes, right now.
  18. Write / Blog your thoughts: For me anything more than 5-6 lines should go on a blog, wiki, readme, guide, documentation, notes, FAQs, etc. If next time someone asks me the same thing, all I have to do is to share them this link. It gives compounding savings in long run.
    NOTE: Like time, and money, these are also finite. You only have a limited keys for your lifetime. Checkout how many are left for you,
  19. Use documenation as your local cache: Learnt this concept from Manas Saloi.
  20. Practice! Practice! Practice!

For More such Tips / Curated Lessons:

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