Have you upgraded your Tech to the New Year? Let’s Test!

Our world, as well as software, is constantly changing at a very high pace. Small things like a change of year can introduce a potential bug in any tech system if the systems have not been configured properly to withstand such changes. Also, sometimes, we may unintentionally introduce such bugs as an unwanted virtue (read ‘curse’) of our muscle memory (body cache memory).

It all started with Ajay Balamurugadas asking a question in The Test Tribe Community’s Discord Group:

One of my teammates wished me – happy new year 2022.

I started thinking – where all can we make mistakes due to muscle memory.
Where would we put 2021 by mistake even though we wanted to put 2022?
# As the year/month/week/day changes, where all would it would impact in testing?

We got some nice contributions from Ashutosh Garg, Mahesh Chikane, Rakesh Kirola, Ralf Roeber, Sudhamshu Ailineni, and Ajay himself.

I summarized this discussion into this mindmap. Hope this will be helpful to you too 🙂

Mindmap by Rahul Parwal

Happy New Year 🙂 Let’s test these and more such testing ideas next year too!

Signing Off!

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